Domotics Kit is a complete solution, based on Arduino, Udoo and Raspberry boards, to easily design and prototype interactive objects or environments, to make smart any kind of device around you, to create applications that make life easier for everyone.

Domotics Kit


Domotics Kit is also an open platform, that means you can tailor it to match your creativity: all you need to do is to unleash your creativity and to design your smart network. Powered by Telecontrolli ceramic-based RF system and assisted by sensors and relais, the kit will help you to control various devices that work together to form a cohesive network and, thanks to KOSMO web server, to connect your local network to the Internet, making it accessible from PC, notebook and smartphone everywhere in the world.




Domotics Kit O.S. compatibility
Domotics Kit O.S. compatibility




Domotics Kit, thanks to KOSMO, gives you information about energy consumption, weather conditions and the cycles and variations around you, allowing you to monitor, collect and analyze data from your environment.



With KOSMO Control Panel you can remotely control, dimmer and schedule power on/off , through your smartphone, notebook or tablet.


Rule Maker



A wide range of radio shields sub1GHz, radio modules, sensors and actuators, 100% compatible with all the sketches and resources available on the Arduino community as well as all actuators and digital, analogic and I2C sensors available on the market. All Domotics Kit Objects are included in the Wave4U Fritzing library, you can download it from here:



Whether you are a student, a maker or an electronics lover, Domotics Kit enables you to design and make your IoT project in a simple and fast way.

Like playing Lego, you can build your own devices, assemble them easily: snap radio shield to a base board (ArduinoUNO, Raspberry Pi or Udoo), create multi-shields devices, connect them to the network and you will be able to control them from your smartphone and wherever you are in the world.

Watch the video for more technical specs.


Three different configurations for the Domotics Kit:





KOSMO is a powerful tool for setting up your network, which orchestrate devices to perform specific actions based on events and triggers.
With Kosmo you can set up the network, use the rule maker to create conditions between phenomena and actuations, send notifications, run single devices or monitor phenomena.

>>VIDEO: Introducing KOSMO server


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